Aposematism is an anti-predatory adaptation where a warning coloration is associated with the unprofitability of prey to potential predators. The bright and often bold colorings in nature are often seen as a threat and can therefore be avoided; yet in our society today, the same bright and bold colorations are seen as a positive marketing strategy in the food market; especially to children. Candies and other sugary treats are painted with artificial dyes that aim to snag a child’s attention.

These photographs are explorations that play with the idea of artificiality and society's view of genetically modified foods by incorporating brightly colored candies and foods back into a natural habitat. The results harbor a sense of intrigue as well as skepticism by allowing room for the viewer to question for themselves what is natural and what has been manipulated, and in turn, mimicking the ways by which genetically modified foods are sold to the general public. I aim to create these fantastical mini-worlds that invoke a sense of wonder as well as danger.